Connect content.
Make a search assistant.

Save time managing services and files.
Let Telifie do it. Ask for anything from a search bar.

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This is it.
The smart search assistant 👉

This is it
a smart search engine 👇

Find or do anything.
Just a few clicks and types away.

  • "How is the weather today?"

  • "When is my next meeting?

  • "Play the next song on Spotify"

  • "I need that sales report from earlier"

  • "Remind me at 9pm to call Janice"

The Bennies

Catalog Anything

Telifie's AI organizes your content, discovers links and draws conclusions.

Search it all

You can search through invoices, Stripe transactions, files, and playlists just like Jarvis would.

Use Cases

Do daily tasks

Use Connectors like Spotify or Gmail to play music or send replies.

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The Search Engine

Find anything

We catalogued the internet. Search like you would on Google.

Ad Free

No ads. Service is supported by paid plans and API credits.


Contribute to the Public Domain. Search should be inclusive.

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Built with the best

Thanks to all those who made Telifie possible

Get early access.

Get 10% off and private beta access

© Telifie LLC – With ❤️ in Cincinnati

© Telifie LLC – With ❤️ in Cincinnati